Denimblog Readers in Denim


It’s obvious that our readers LOVE to see Celebrities in denim! It’s definitely fun to see what they are wearing and what they consider fashionable- but let’s face it, not many of us can afford to go all out and buy the designers they wear. But does that mean we should throw in the towel and wear sweats all the time? Heck no!

I think we probably have the some of the best dressed readers on the internet and the Denim Blog would love to showcase you! What do you wear day to day? What do you match with your favorite pair of jeans? What do you wear to the grocery store or to go out on the town? If you’re interested in having a What Are You Wearing Today photo of yourself featured, please email and we’ll post your style for the world to see!

Don’t be shy, your style is what makes you YOU! I love to get ideas on new things to wear by seeing pictures of my friends and peers. You never know what new trend you may start!