DenimBlog x Earnest Sewn 30 Day Denim Challenge – Jennifer’s Finished Jeans

I’d never really tried Earnest Sewn before and this challenge gave me the chance to try it! Last week, I mentioned the possibility of doing something else to my jeans after I studded the coin pocket. I decided to add a few more smaller studs on each side near the belt loops and then studding one entire belt loop in the back. I think it makes the studs look more tied together but still isn’t too over the top. I am really glad that I decided to stud the coin pocket because I really like how the studs look peaking out from under a shirt. The gold definitely pops against the dark blue wash.

I didn’t do anything to the actual treatment of the fabric because I tend to prefer darker jeans and really liked the wash on these already. My pair is still very dark and doesn’t really look as though I’ve been wearing them regularly for the past month. Around some of the seams and edges where they get a lot of wear are starting to wash out a bit. I like this subtle fading and I’m sure it’ll continue to fade this way over time.

Overall, I had a lot of fun participating in this challenge. I had never owned a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans but am a fan after this challenge. Normally, I don’t really do a lot of customization to my jeans and the challenge gave me the chance to get a little creative, which I enjoyed!