Do You Like The New Neon Trend?

Neon denim is already starting to get very popular now. Almost every brand has brought out their take on the trend. I personally love it and I think I like the the pastel neons more, they are more muted. I do love the highlighter shades though!

I know neon denim is somewhat of a flashback to the 80’s for quite a lot of you, but as most trends always come back around, I am also wondering what else might make a revival from the 70’s and 80’s! So what do you actually think of the new neon trend? I’m intrigued to know everyone’s opinions as I know it’s going to be a strong like a or a strong dislike! One thing I do know though is that this trend wont be going anywhere yet! It’s going to be absolutely huge for Spring/Summer! You can vote in the poll below.

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