Editors 8 Favourite Jeans

Each year I usually do my top picks when it comes to jeans. This includes the pairs I have been living in for months and the pairs that are my go to when it comes to denim! This time around I have about 8 pairs that I wear regularly and I have listed them below! You may notice that none of these include prints or patterns, they are all classics, except for one burgundy pair, but I also class them as very easy to wear and versatile.


1 – AG Adriano Goldschmied The Legging in 12 Years Dwight

These are my gorgeous AG Jeans that I bought from Shopbop a couple of months ago. I’m so glad I got them because I have been living in them ever since, they are my go to for a medium blue wash which is detailed and pretty. Every time I look at them I just get excited by how pretty the whiskering and fading is. They did an amazing job with these jeans and they are the best AG Jeans I have ever tried! You can read my review on these jeans here.

2 – James Jeans Couture Skinny in Vesper

You may remember these from back in the summer (read my review here) when I received them and fell in love with them. The Couture collection is absolutely amazing with the way it contours your body and fits so perfectly. I own a lot of really dark blue skinny jeans, but these are the best ones I have due to their fit and the sheen in the denim. I wear them every time I need a dark classic blue jean. I just can’t get enough of them.

3 – Citizens of Humanity Rocket Leatherette in Black

I received these about 5 months ago and I wasn’t sure on them at first due to the heavy coating, however as soon as I put them on and wore them the first time, I absolutely fell in love with them and wanted to wear them all the time. They are incredibly comfortable and probably the best coated jeans I have ever tried. Not to mention black is one of the perfect colours! You can read my review on these jeans here.

4 – Koral Los Angeles Skinny in Merlot

I got these Koral jeans about 6 or so months ago and it was my first time ever trying the new brand. I had high hopes for them as they were the founders of 7 For All Mankind, and they did meet all of my expectations. They fit and feel amazing when worn and the wash is a gorgeous deep burgundy with jewel tones to it. I wear them with everything and I also wear these when I want a coloured jean in the burgundy variety. Burgundy is my favourite shade for coloured denim and I own a few pairs, but these are the best ones I have. You can read my review on these jeans here.

5 – Levi’s Juniors Skinny Leggings in Black As Night

These are not really classed as premium denim and they are super cheap to buy, but that doesn’t even hinder my thoughts on them one bit (read my review here). The fit of these is super skinny all over, stretchy and incredibly flattering, which is why I love them and the fact that they have one of the blackest washes I have ever seen in denim, just makes them perfect. When I am needing a pair of super black skinny jeans, these are always the pair I pick up and wear!

6 – Bleulab Reversible Detour Skinny Jeans in Martinique

I received these Bleulab jeans back in the summer and they were my second pair from the brand. I didn’t used to get on with their coated jeans as I couldn’t wear the coated side against my skin as it irritated, so these are the best ones as they don’t have coating on either side. I pretty much only wear them with the light blue side showing (see pictures) as it’s a pretty blue, but I mainly love these due to their ease of wearing. You can just pull them on like leggings and they are super stretchy, they are wonderful! You can read my review on these jeans here.

7 – Diesel Jegonfire Leggings in 880A

Now Diesel always holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the first brands (along with Rock & Republic) that got me into premium denim over 7 years ago. I used to live in them and I am pretty sure I still have the most Diesel jeans compared to other brands in my collection. So when they came out with jeggings, I was super excited! I got these from the London Carnaby Street store and I loved the moto detail they had, along with the faded wash and really comfortable flattering fit. I have worn these so many times and often go to them when I want a faded distressed wash. You can read my review on these jeans here.

8 – Rag & Bone The Cropped Skinny in Destroyed Chester

I got these jeans back in the Autumn and these were the first pair of Rag & Bone jeans I had owned. I had high hopes for them as so many people raved about the brand and we blog it almost everyday here at DenimBlog, so luckily they did turn out to be everything I hoped and more! They are incredibly flattering all over, comfortable and the wash is amazing. It’s so detailed and really well done, it’s just beautiful! You can read my review on these jeans here.

So these are my 8 favourite jeans (currently) and I love all of them. I do have other pairs that I wear a bit and think are absolutely gorgeous, but I didn’t want to make this list incredibly long. So I narrowed it down to the absolute favourite pairs that I wear all the time. So, what are your favourite jeans? I would love to know in a comment!

Written by Lorna Burford