Editors Top 10 Celebs In Denim

I thought I would pile together a list of my personal favourite top 10 celebs in denim. This is based on their style and their denim choices. I love blogging about the different celebs every day and which jeans they are wearing but these are the 10 that I most enjoy writing blog posts about. Who are your favourites?

10) David Beckham – I like blogging about David because, much like his wife Victoria, he has great style for a guy. He’s happy to wear the denim on denim trend and get it right each time and he has a love for PRPS and Dior Homme. I always like his denim choices, not to mention he looks good in everything!

9) Kim Kardashian – Kim has such a fantastic selection of denim and brands which I love. I would have put her higher up on the list but her outfits often do look the same to me and I haven’t really connected with her as a person. Normally I can relate and connect to celebs when I see them on the TV often but with Kim it’s different. I do absolutely adore her jeans though, she really knows how to rock a trend like cargos and distressing! Plus one thing I love about her is her curvy figure.

47254, BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday November 8, 2010. Ashley Greene tries to bundle up in her sweater while out and about in Beverly Hills on a windy afternoon. Greene has reportedly turned down an offer from Playboy to pose nude in the Men's magazine. Photograph: Juan Sharma,  PacificCoastNews.com

8) Ashley Greene – Ashley Greene always looks really put together. She has a few favourite brands that she looks really good in and she isn’t afraid to wear the same pair more than a few times. She’s beautiful and she wears jeans so well!

7) Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus used to be quite high up on my list of celebs to blog but lately her style has got really sloppy and not something I would wear myself. It suits her though and she has an amazing closet full of denim! I would like to see her more in 2011 rocking some more trends though.

6) Victoria Beckham – What is there not to like about Victoria?! She always looks so classy and sharp, she also has her own denim line which is amazing and she wears the jeans from her line which is always a bonus. She always makes a trend looks so fashionable whether it’s huge shouldered military blazers like Balmain brought on the scene or waxed denim, she’s hot!

Actress turned author Hilary Duff proudly promotes her book Elixir at Borders in NYC, NY on October 11, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

5) Hilary Duff – Hilary’s style is always one I am fond of because she dresses so much like myself. She seems to love the same brands and fits as I do and I can relate to her style so much. Lately she’s been spotted on DenimBlog a lot more than she used to be and she’s branched out a tonne with her denim choices. I hope she wears even more in the coming year.

4) Zac Efron – I’ve always loved blogging about Zac for years now, he’s a true denim fan and I love that. I think he is the best dressed male celebrity out there and he has one of the biggest denim collections I have seen for a guy. He’s also a big lover of raw denim which proves a passion for the fabric. I want to see him back in his Nudie’s and Diesel’s! He wore those so well.

3) Jessica Alba – Jessica Alba never used to be high up on my radar when it came to celebs in denim… until recently. The past half a year or so she has been spotted in so many jeans, brands and trends that she really caught my eye! She’s worn all of the trends and looked amazing in them. She knows how to dress as well, there isn’t an outfit that I have seen her in that looks bad, she puts everything together perfectly, right down to the accessories! I adore her style so much!

2) Vanessa Hudgens – Vanessa is a celeb that always looks chic. She has been a favourite of mine to blog for a couple of years and she has so many brands of denim! She used to be a lot like myself when choosing jeans, she loved the Diesel Matic and Lowky cuts and then she opted for a lot of other brands, she has a lot of the same jeans that I do and she constantly looks amazing when she wears denim. I love her style! I hope to see loads of her outfits in 2011.

46550, BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - Saturday October 23, 2010. Hellcats star Ashley Tisdale goes shopping in Beverly Hills with her mom Lisa. Ashley picked out some clothes at Planet Blue before heading to coffee bean to get her mom and herself a drink. Photograph:  Matt Symons, PacificCoastNews.com

1) Ashley Tisdale – Finally my favourite of them all, which I’m sure you already knew, Ashley Tisdale! She has the most amazing denim collection I have ever seen, she has so many brands and so many jeans as well as a huge love for Christian Louboutin shoes like myself. She owns many of the same pairs of jeans and shoes that I have and I love her style. She manages to look good in everything she wears, even if she is at the airport, she looks great! She is so much like me when it comes to denim. She was our Denim Diva of 2009 as well as voted number 1 with Vanessa Hudgens for the best denim outfit of 2009. I hope she moves back to LA soon so we can see more candids of her jeans choices.