How To Fade Jeans [September 2019]

If you have ever ordered jeans online, you know that the wash can sometimes look…well…different.

Sometimes jeans are too dark. Sometimes too lights. And sometimes they are the wrong color altogether.

Below, we laid out a comprehensive guide to lightening your jeans — including some of the best and easiest methods.

Let’s go!

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How To Fade Jeans with Vinegar

Fading denim is a problem that most of us end up just accepting. When in fact, the real problem is washing. Denim is a material that does not need to be washed as often as others. However, there are many alternatives to washing denim that allow for it to maintain its original color. An unusual remedy would be soaking the jeans in vinegar.

The chemicals activate to keep the colors lasting longer. However, when using vinegar be careful to not mix detergent as this can actually end up fading the jeans rather than brightening and maintaining.

How do you fade jeans with lemon juice?

The only thing about lemon juice and fading jeans is that it will take longer to do that the traditional ways. There is a method you can use putting a quart of lemon juice in a bucket and let it soak to the desired color you want.

How To Lighten Jeans Evenly?

You fill up a bathtub up with five inches of water.
Don your gloves and put in a half cup of bleach,
Mix the water and bleach together and lay the jeans in the tub for five minutes.
Rinse the jeans in cold water.

How Do You Lighten Dark Jeans?

The best way to lighten dark jeans is to submerge them in a solution of water and bleach. The longer that you leave the jeans submerged in the mixture, the lighter they will be.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of time that your jeans have been in the mixture, take them out, rinse them with clean water, and then wash them in the washing machine.

Once your jeans have been washed and dried, you will see that they have lightened multiple shades (depending on how long you let them sit in the bleach and water).

How to Fade Jeans in the Washing Machine

Fill the washing machine halfway with water. Add a capful of bleach, and add your jeans. When they have soaked for ten minutes, let the machine finish its cycle. Remove from the washing machine and let them air dry.

How do you bleach blue jeans white?

After spot testing the jeans, put 1/4 cup bleach per gallon of water and let them soak for five minutes. Wash the jeans in some soap and add 3/4 cup of bleach to the wash. Repeat this process until you achieve the desired results.

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