How To Style Neutrals

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Neutrals are one of the biggest trends in the fashion world at the moment and despite them being a trend, they are also a staple and a must have. It’s strange to think of basics as a trending piece currently when almost everyone owns pieces like this, however it’s all in the styling. Jessica Alba left a french restaurant a few weeks ago wearing one of the most gorgeous neutral outfits I have seen and it inspired me to put together a post on how to wear them fashionably.

So what colours are we talking about when it comes to the neutral colour palette? Grey, white, cream, camel and browns, washed black and sometimes even powder or blush tones, as long as they blend in with the greys or browns. These are all shades that work harmoniously together and can look gorgeous when worn the correct way, in multiple layers. I would personally stick to wearing the creams and browns together in one outfit and the greys and whites together in another. You can mix a few of the paler shades together, but it makes sense to either keep it warm (brown) or cool (grey).

With all of this in mind, I’ve put together two collages of outfits centered around these tones and I have also found numerous fashion blogger photos online (including one of myself) sporting neutral outfits. I would love to know how you are wearing neutral tones for Winter? You can shop white and grey denim online at

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Jeans | Coats | Sweater | Boots

This is the warm look that I came up with, using varying layering items and styling them in a piled on way. This is the best way to wear neutrals as you can mix and blend different shades of one colour, creating a full neutral look. I think that cream or white jeans work the best with the brown shades as they help to keep it warm. My favourite way is by throwing on a comfortable sweater, layering a long coat over the top and accessorizing with cream. You can either choose brown boots to add to this look or you can opt for some tan or cream heels to finish it off.

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Coats | Jeans | Sweater | Boots

This outfit here on the cooler side is one similar to a look that I wore myself recently. Layering a grey sweater with some white skinny jeans and then adding a different coloured grey coat over the top, finished with a grey bag and heels. Make sure you keep the textures, fits and shades of grey completely different as it will create a nice, textured and layered outfit which looks quite chic. I find neutral outfits like this not only look classy and sophisticated, but they look effortless at the same time too. I love it!

jessica alba neutrals

Finally, you can see a few different fashion blogger outfits in neutral tones. If it’s too cold out, you might want to think about layering with different ponchos or capes as well as with coats (just below). These can help add a different structure and element to your outfit that you might not otherwise try before. Which outfit below do you like the most? I would love to know if you prefer the warmer or cooler tones!

burberry-checked-lined-wool-cape-greygrey-skinny-jeansab2353bbf13d67ed4e21aa357e3003f1 grey-outfit-fashion-blogger-001 Neutral-Outfits-2all-saints-grey-waterfall-coat-white-jeans

Celeb images courtesy of, Raindrops of Sapphire, Just The Design, With Love From Cat, Fashion Runway Blog & Scent of Obsession.