Jazz Up Your iPhone With Denim Cases

Being the self confessed denim addict/nerd that I am, it only makes sense for me to have a denim case for my iPhone. The two pictured above are the ones I own and I think they are so cool! The right one is actually made from denim and has a coin pocket on it so it looks just like the hip of a jean, while the left one is plastic and has a zipper fly print on it. Both of these I got on eBay for a really good deal! The printed zipper fly was only £1.99 and the actual denim one was a little more expensive, about £5.

I have also included some more denim iPhone cases in the gallery below! Diesel brought out 4 different ones, one of which includes the coin pockets from their famous Matic cut and the others in the gallery are just normal denim on a case. It definitely suits my personality having denim jeans cases, that’s for sure. However I do mix it up sometimes with a pink glitter one too. But how many of you have denim iPhone cases? I suppose that might depend on how denim addicted you are! Ha ha! You can actually buy the Diesel Matic pocket printed one at their website here, but the others can probably easily be found on eBay. I thought this might make a different and intriguing post!

Images courtesy of DenimBlog.com and Google.com.