Nudie Spring/Summer 2013 Press Day

I went to go see the new Spring/Summer 2013 collection for Nudie at their Showroom on Melrose. Right when I walked in it felt so inviting. The first thing that happened when I walked through the door was a kind greeting by Ruari. He has to be one of, if not, the nicest people that I have ever met.

I have to say that I was really surprised at what I saw in the new collection. The main surprise was that they had color. I never would have expected this from a brand that specializes in raw and selvedge denim. Along with the colors, they also had washes that are the heart of the brand, like raw and worn in washes.

It wasn’t just jeans this season either. Everyone needs to freshen up their wardrobe every now and then. This season they introduced their slim khakis in muted shades and a few non-denim pieces such as shirts, jackets (suede and parka were my favorites), and sweaters. It didn’t just end with the clothes, they also had a few accessories that were pretty amazing. There were beanies and bags (duffle and backpack) that Nudie fans would definitely love.

Another thing that I find really cool about the showroom is that they also have a repair station on site. So if you wore your raw jeans out a bit too far, you have a specialist close by (if you are in LA of course) to patch them for you. You can see photos from my day with Nudie below.

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