How To Taper Jeans [November 2019]

How do You Taper Jeans Easily?

Lay out your pants flat. Meausre 6 inches with yardstick. Then your knee and draw all the way from the knee to the ankle. Sew in a straight line on your mark. Then measure a half inch from where you just sewed. AGain sew from the knee to the ankle. When you are done doing this, take your scissors and cut the excess fabric so that you will have tapered jeans.

What are tapered jeans?

Tapered fit jeans are more figure-hugging than straight fit jeans. As the jeans material goes down the legs towards the ankles, it becomes narrower and easy to tuck inside boots. Because of this, tapered fit jeans are often equated with skinny jeans.
However, not all tapered jeans are skinny jeans: some companies manufacture jeans that are roomier at the top and less wide at the ankles.

Whats the difference between tapered and straight leg jeans?

Straight leg jeans are exactly what they are called: the legs of the jeans, from thigh to ankle, lack variation in width. They go straight down. They’re a staple cut for men, and somewhat of a personal statement for women.

In contrast, tapered jeans have legs that narrow as they go down, hugging the lower areas more. Tapered jeans tend to be used by those with more confidence in their own appearance and are comfortable with showing off their figure using tighter material, whereas straight leg jeans are more easily flattering for everyone.