Thanksgiving Day Outfits For Every Occasion

Ah, Thanksgiving. The time of the year when you eat way too much, are obligated to be around family (a good or bad thing) and laze around from an inescapable food coma. It’s always hard seeking advice on what to wear for this holiday because everyone celebrates it differently, making the possibilities endless. No need to fear, I have the perfect outfit for your holiday no matter the type of gathering.

Below are a few outfit formulas that cover every type of holiday style one might experience during Thanksgiving. Simply pick your holiday type, go through your closet filling in the pieces or substituting where necessary, and that’s it! You’re ready to tackle Thanksgiving in a stylish, comfortable fashion.

Sleek and Classy

A full table set with the finest china, a bottle of 2006 Merlot circling around, H’orderves you can’t pronounce and every lady in their best. If this sounds like your family’s version of a Thanksgiving dinner, then this is your outfit. Of course you can go with a fancy dress or skirt, but let’s face it, it’s Thanksgiving and you still want to be comfortable and warm.

Pair some great fitting skinny jeans with a nice blouse, a sleek blazer (which always dresses up an outfit) and some ankle boots for a comfortable yet chic look. A cocktail ring on each finger and a simple, elegant necklace will complete your look. Put your hair in an high bun – this not only looks sophisticated but it keeps your hair out of the way while you’re chowing down. This outfit is great because most girls already have all this in their closet so you can fill in the blanks with your own items, leaving both you and your wallet happy.

Comfy and Casual

This outfit is for those that celebrate Thanksgiving buffet style, in no particular seating area, with a beer or coke in your hand. You sit with your family watching TV, catching up on each others’ lives and snacking on chips and dip. Even though this outfit is the definition of laid back, it still has style and structure.

A maxi skirt and T-shirt combo leaves you plenty of room to freely move about and sit as you wish. For those of you experiencing a colder holiday, layer a hooded sweatshirt with a leather jacket and top it with a scarf. If you’re out in the warmer areas like I am, you can leave the jackets at home or use only a leather jacket so you don’t overheat. Thanks to the length of the maxi skirt, throw on your favorite pair of shoes so you’re even more comfortable. Stylish, cozy and eye catching, this outfit will keep you feeling great during your relaxing holiday.

Feast-Ready Pieces

We’ve covered fancy and casual, but what about those of you solely there for the food? All you want is some extra room in your outfit to feast the day away and lay on the couch without looking like a balloon. Well these five items are great “feasting pieces,” as I like to call them. They’re loose fitting and can be dressy or casual, depending on your type of family gathering. For the colder areas of the country pair these with tights or leggings and a coat to keep you warm.