Trying the Bodymetrics Scanner at Selfridges

I was in London yesterday for some more press days with a couple of brands (photos to come soon) and I got set up with an appointment for the Bodymetrics Scanner in Selfridges by a wonderful PR lady I know. I had heard a lot about the body scanner and what it does but I wasn’t really sure if I would trust it. Since I have been working with denim for so long, I have pretty much gained an understanding of how I like my jeans to fit me and which cuts and shapes suit me best. I thought it would be really interesting to give it a go though and see what the outcome would be.

The staff in Selfridges are absolutely wonderful and they help you with everything as well as make you feel comfortable, just in case you are put off by the process because you do have to undress down to your underwear, but you do that in private. Once you are in your underwear, make sure it’s a lighter colour as black doesn’t show up, you stand in the machine (you can see the images in the gallery of the scanner) and you place your feet on the markers provided and stand with your arms out to the side. Once you are ready, you press the button and the beams will come down to the ground and back up again. It only takes about 5-8 seconds so it’s a really quick process and you don’t feel anything. Once you have been scanned it sends a graphic style image to the computer which shows a model of your body in 3D but in grey scale, don’t worry, it’s not a real photo of you in your underwear, ha ha. It also provides your measurements, however I think they are a little bit off, I’ve measured myself before, accurately with a tape measure and the Bodymetrics come out different, it said I had a 28″ inseam but I don’t, I actually have a 30″ inseam. That may be due to standing with your legs quite far apart though, I’m not sure.

Once that whole process is over, it will tell you what fit you are, there are 3 different styles, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. I ended up being the Sapphire fit which does seem about right for my body shape. That fit is a smaller jeans waist (top of the hips) and more curvier hips, I think it’s the middle/in between fit. The scanner did scan me correctly though and it knew what sort of shape I am. I tried on a few pairs of the Sapphire fit jeans and they did fit me pretty well. I wont go into detail about the fit of them and how well I think the machine did just yet, I’m going to be reviewing the jeans so I will save that for the review. I ended up coming out with a dark rinse washed skinny pair with long ankle zippers. All of the jeans are made by Serfontaine so they are premium denim, made in the USA.

If you are ever in London I would recommend trying it out, it’s pretty fun! More will come soon when I review the jeans as soon as I can. I do have a couple of other reviews to do before so bare with me! Have any of you tried the Bodymetrics scanner before?

You can now read my review on these jeans here.

Images courtesy of Lorna Burford/