Denim INTERVIEW: Julien Jarmoune of Black Orchid


Black Orchid is one of the leading brands in the market with fans from megastars like Kate Moss and Beyonce to fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni. With their innovative and fashion forward styles and great fits there is no surprise to see them at the top. We got in touch with designer Julien Jarmoune to see what is going on with the brand from how he came up with the name, his favorites to see in his jeans, what we can expect from the brand in the future and more. Check out what he had to say below.

DenimBlog: How did you come up with the name Black Orchid?

Black Orchid: Black Orchid is an exotic and intriguing flower that is a universal symbol of love and luxury. Specifically, it represents perfection and beauty – something that I pursue and expect in my designs. It’s my end goal to provide our girls a flawless luxury product that I love and believe in, hence the meaning behind our brand name.

DB: Who is the Black Orchid girl?

BO: She’s the modern girl that has the ability to take one of our designs and integrate it into her own sense of style with confidence. We have an edgy approach to your classic silhouette so she can’t be afraid to embrace it and just rock it.

DB: What is the concept behind Black Orchid?

BO: I’ve been in the denim industry since I was 18 years old, so with my knowledge and vision, I wanted to create a premium denim brand with not only the perfect fit, but with designs that represent myself as an individual and a designer.

DB: What was the inspiration for the new Fall ’15 season?

BO: Fall 2015 was all about taking risks and pushing the boundaries. This season, we launched the smartest denim on the market – Liquify. Its revolutionary Italian denim stretch technology instantly sculpts and contours to your body like no other. Using this state of the art fabric, we created a series of innovative and dynamic denim washes. Additionally, we offered a wide range of vegan leather pieces – from jackets to trousers to biker skinnies. I believe there are not many brands out there that offer fashion forward vegan leather styles so I wanted to provide that for the consumer that’s more “cruelty-free”.

DB: Black Orchid pushes the boundaries quite a bit each season. What were some of your favorite styles to have designed?

BO: One of my favorite styles I’ve designed is our skinny overall. Everyone generally associates a pair of overalls as this frumpy, oversized, 90’s style, but I wanted to modernize it by adding a sexier appeal to it. I made it skinnier and fitted to add a feminine look, and I minimized the size of the bib to show off the girl’s curves. Now when a girl slips on a pair of our skinny overalls, she feels sexy, chic, and effortlessly stylish. It’s a design I’m proud of and it continues to do so well for Black Orchid.

DB: Which style do you think every girl should have in their closet?

BO: Clean, medium-blue skinny, with a light fade and whisker details.

DB: Which is your personal favorite?

BO: A pair of classic blue skinnies with a soft, worn-in feel and a vintage, authentic wash. Or you can never go wrong with a jet black skinny.

DB: Who was your favorite celeb to see in Black Orchid?

BO: Favorite celebrities to see in Black Orchid were probably Beyonce, Olivia Palermo, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and blogger Chiara Ferragni!

DB: And who would you love to see wear your jeans?

BO: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

DB: What was your favorite moment since starting the brand?

BO: As many high’s as I’ve had since starting my brand and as surprising as this sounds, my favorite moment was during my “low” period. It’s a constant reminder to me that hard work pays off and that I’m blessed and grateful for everything that has happened since the beginning. It’s not easy and nothing is spoon fed to you, but with persistence and determination, you can make anything happen. In the end, all of it was and is worth it. Other favorite moments include receiving emails and phone calls from our customers all around the world to just let me know how happy they are with the product, how good it makes them feel, and how great they look in them.

DB: What can we expect in the future from Black Orchid?

BO: Innovative and intricate denim washes while constantly pursuing the best fabric possible. We currently have denim tops but we want to include additional tops and outerwear into our line, eventually turning Black Orchid into a lifestyle brand.

DB: I think I covered everything. Is there anything you’d like to add?

BO: Nope, it seems like we covered everything.

DB: Thank you for the interview

BO: Thank you for having me!