Denim Interview: MAVI Feather Collection

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Mavi have launched their latest denim and it’s something exciting! FEATHER has officially landed and it’s something we thought you would love to know about, so much so that I asked Ardie Ulukaya, SVP of Sales at Mavi a few questions in an interview to find out more about the collection.

As a brief outline, they joined forces with Turkey’s leading-edge denim fabric producer Orta, making sure the Mavi Feather collection uses exclusive fabric created by the denim manufacturer to create the ultimate light and luxurious pants for Spring.

You can see the FEATHER jeans on models Daisy Clementine, sister to Lucky Blue Smith, and Swedish beauty Frida Gustavsson here for the Spring 2016 campaign. Check out the exclusive interview below and shop the jeans online at the Mavi website here.

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DB: For those of our readers who aren’t hugely familiar with MAVI, do you want to give a little background on your brand? 

Mavi was born in 1991 and has an incredibly rich denim heritage. What drives us is our continuous quest to create the ‘perfect fit’ and ‘perfect feel’ in a pair of jeans. Our philosophy is to build the brand around perfect fitting jeans that convey a Mediterranean feeling in terms of fashion and detail. Mavi has always been a brand that emphasizes originality and innovative applications, enabling us to become a pioneer in the market and produce high quality, great fitting and fashion-forward premium denim at a great price point.

DB: Congrats on your 25th anniversary collection! What inspired you to create the Feather range?

Mavi launched Feather as the kick off to the 25th anniversary celebrations, collaborating with our long-term partner and leading-edge denim fabric producer, Orta. Feather was born out of the cultural desire for a product that offers both ‘lightness’ and ‘luxury,’ and delivers ease of movement with high recovery in a pair of jeans. Feather is the symbol of this denim comfort trend.

DB: Could you tell us more about it?

The premium Feather collection uses the latest innovations in denim technology and revolutionary fabrics that are ultra lightweight and ultra soft, to give the highest level of comfort and range of motion. Feather combines a casual lifestyle with a luxury, feminine feel using fabric that is extremely soft, superfine and superlight.

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DB: If the denim itself is really light and soft, does it retain its shape well?

Despite its softness and lightness, Feather also integrates power stretch technology with excellent recovery standards. The final outcome is a breakthrough that combines softness and a feminine feel with a clean look and compact construction. The novelty fabric mix of cotton, tencel, lyocell and viscose ensures your jeans look the same at the end of the day as when you put them on in the morning.

DB: Can you tell us what washes the new Feather collection come in?

The collection introduces three exclusive hues for Mavi that represent the brand’s Mediterranean identity, and range from basic to one-of-a-kind vintage washes:

• Special Neptune: A shade of deep green cast with a true blue indigo bottom.

• Future Blue: A mix of green cast and indigo, the achievement of this shade uses less water and 

• Aqua Light Green: Represents the retro cool denim look for the new bohemian look.

DB: Will these mostly be for Summer due to their light, stretchy fabrication or will they be a Winter jean too?

These are definitely transitional and for winter we will offer the Feather fabrication in darker clean washes.

DB: Who would be the perfect person for these jeans?

Feather combines versatile, effortless denim pieces in a variety of feminine silhouettes appropriate for any occasion. These are the jeans for women who place value on trying new things and meaningful experiences. For the girl who loves the look of true denim but desires added comfort and lightness with a premium, luxury feel.

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DB: This year is Mavi’s 25th anniversary – how does it feel to have endured this long and is there anything else in the pipeline to mark the occasion?

We are very humbled to have achieved such success these past 25 years and look forward to building upon this foundation while evolving in both denim design and innovation. We believe innovation in denim really comes from the fabric and we work exclusively with the best partners in the business, while staying ahead of the trends and forecasts.

We have numerous, exciting celebrations in the pipeline to mark our 25th anniversary, kicking off with the announcement of top model Lucky Blue Smith as the face of our Spring/Summer #denimgeneration campaign. Lucky captures the essence of Mavi’s fresh, youthful and exuberant spirit and represents our commitment to design for the next generation. We also have a very special capsule collaboration launching for the FW’16 season, which we can’t wait to introduce!

DB: Thank you so much!