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DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With Daniella Clarke Of Frankie B.

We caught up with Daniella Clarke, the founder and designer behind the wonderful brand Frankie B. We wanted to find out more about her new styles, her cargo pants and her new higher rise jeans! Yep, she is bringing out jeans with a medium rise! Carry on reading below to find out more. Also, just to let you readers know, I will be doing a review on her new cargo pants this week! They are gorgeous!

DB: What are you working on for next season? Anything new?

I’m currently working on Spring Summer 2011. We are still focusing heavily on leggings and fun light weight fabrics .

DB: I heard you were doing a higher rise jean, is that true?

We did introduce a mid rise jean due out soon. I know that we are mainly known for our low rise jean but I want to offer an alternative to the girl that wants to wear Frankie B. but might want a higher rise. I don’t want to be a one trick pony but to be frank it’s hard to break the assumptions that Frankie B. is illegally low. I admit we were very low 10 years ago when we started but we are much more than that now.

DB: Tell us about your new cargo pant! It’s gorgeous!

Thank you I agree! We have been consistently offering a Cargo throughout the years in almost every collection. The Cargo has always been a strong seller for us. The new Maury cargo is a skinny done in an ultra soft light weight twill. Super comfy but still has that Frankie B. edge and sexiness.

DB: Will we be seeing anymore cargo pants from you next season?

We are going forward with the Maury Cargo in White, Khaki and gun metal.

DB: What has been your inspiration for your current collection?

I’ve always loved that tough chic kinda ‘tom boy’ attitude, which played in perfectly with the military trends of the season.

DB: What are your favourite trends at the moment and jeans you have designed?

My personal fave of this season is definitely the cargo!