DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With Sal Parasuco of Parasuco Denim

We caught up with Sal Parasuco, the owner and founder of Parasuco Denim, to find out more about his brand, his history with denim and what’s new for the up and coming seasons. You can read our interview below.

DB: Hi Sal! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us. For our readers who haven’t heard of Parasuco, could you let us know more about the brand?

Parasuco was created for free living. For expressing your individuality. For unapologetic sex appeal.

DB: I know Parasuco is quite big in Europe and Canada, how do you think the US market will be different for you?

Although we were under the radar, between 1995-2005 Parasuco was actually a “street” CULT brand in the USA. Parasuco was in fact featured on “America’s Most Wanted” as America’s most shoplifted jeans during this period! We helped discover and grow “Stretch Denim Jeans”. In 1976 I presented my concept of denim fabric made with Lycra to several American mills and they laughed at my silly idea. But today there are more stretch fabrics made than non stretch! Our Success in the USA created many clones and Parasuco knock offs; we didn’t have the budget to protect ourselves so we pulled out of the USA for a while. Now, we are excited to resurface in a big way!

DB: I know you have quite a history in denim, would you be able to elaborate on that for us?

I was almost 4 when I crossed the Atlantic from Sicily to Montreal and my family and I lived in a very small home with very limited means. “Necessity is the mother of invention”. From an early age, my gut told me to understand my environment, to make the best of it and to work on improving it. My father stopped working due to his 2nd world war traumas when I was 13, and this was right around the time that the Beatles hit and the magnitude of style hit me! Because we were struggling just to stay afloat, I had to make clothes with my mom at home, so I would look cool at school. I needed to help support my family and was able to find a job washing floors in a clothing store for .50 cents /hour and by age 16, I was the store manager and sole buyer. I also began selling the jeans that I made at home out of my high school locker and so began my romance with Denim!

DB: Your new collection looks great! What was your inspiration behind it?

I go by instinct. I love the human body. I love to beautify the body with amazing clothing. I want to pierce the barriers and I want to make people feel damn sexy when they put on our clothes. My inspiration is always the same; we design clothing but we sell an attitude.

DB: What has been your bestseller throughout Parasuco’s existence?

Our Stretch denim products continue to be our best sellers and it’s our innovations with washes, fit and finishes that keeps it fresh.

DB: One question I always like to ask is; what makes you love denim or why is it so important to you?

It’s portrays youth, sexiness and confidence very well but most of all it’s the canvas of our life. Everyone can relate a key moment in their life to their favorite jeans.

DB: How many jeans do you actually own?

ÔǪYou don’t want to know!

DB: Back to the new line, I love the tie-dye jeans! Do you think those will be a big seller for you?

Again it’s one of our core styles with an innovative wash ready to lead tomorrow’s trend. The fit is there, the head turning novelty is there and we’re always democratically priced.

DB: What can we expect to see in the near future for Parasuco?

A lot more of Parasuco in the USA . The rest will be a surprise!

DB: Lastly, thank you for doing this interview with us Sal, is there anything you want to add that we have left out?

Every artist paints on canvas, artists like Picasso turned that canvas into a work of valuable art. In our case, our canvas is raw denim, the street and our customers are our inspiration, the result is PARASUCO.

Written by Lorna Burford