DL1961 and their Creative Vision, a DenimBlog Exclusive Interview

Well known for its rainbow colors and amazing fit, DL1961 sat down with DenimBlog to give us the real deal on why they’re fabulous. What follows are excerpts from our conversation with Director of Marketing, Sarah Ahmed.

DenimBlog: Your company was founded in 2008, according to your website. Why are you called “DL1961”? What happened in 1961? Does “DL” stand for anything (e.g., Denim Love)?

Sarah Ahmed: DL1961 used to stand for Denim Limited but we shortened it to “DL.” The 1961 is not only the owner’s birth year but in Chinese numerology it adds up to a very lucky number.

DenimBlog: Who is the Creative Director of the Women’s collection?

Sarah Ahmed: DL1961 is a family owned and operated vertically integrated brand. The creative director [is also the] co-ownerMaliha Ahmed, a New York City-based denim designer and veteran of the denim world. Prior to launching the brand with her husband, she travelled all over the world working in different aspects of the denim industry from design to production.

DenimBlog: What is Maliha’s favorite aspect of designing for the women of DL1961? Who does she design for (e.g., urban 20-somethings, career 30-somethings, etc.)?

Sarah Ahmed: For Maliha, it’s all about the product and the fine details that go into making denim. She revels in discovering new technologies, like X-Fit, and creating fits that flatter every woman regardless of age and shape.

DenimBlog: What travels, cultures, books/magazines/blogs, films, music, vintage collections and designers, or trends most inspire Maliha when she’s designing a collection?

Sarah Ahmed: She is constantly on a plane travelling to and from Europe, Asia, and North America. This way, she can get a good idea of the global denim market and trends, and ensure that our product always stays above par. Having said that, her color inspirations usually come from her appreciation of world art and a keen eye for what is hot on the runways.