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Q&A with INDi – Why Custom Jeans Are the Next Big Thing

INDi, an online custom premium denim brand, wants to change the way you shop for jeans. On their site,, you step into the designer role and choose every style and fit detail about your jeans. With prices comparable to other premium denim brands, it seems that custom is now available to the masses. That’s not to say that celebrities aren’t jumping on board too, INDi already counts Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren and a number of NBA players among their list of custom denim converts. We talked to Ali Fenn, INDi’s VP of Marketing to find out what the brand is all about, why custom is hot, and how we can make our own jeans!

DenimBlog: Tell us about INDi! What makes your jeans different than other jeans that are out there?

INDi: Where else do you get to choose all your style details AND get custom fit jeans made from your unique pattern to fit your unique body?? At INDi, you get total control of how you want your jeans to look and how they fit your body.

DenimBlog: I’m a standard size, why would I need to get something custom fit?

INDi: Face it, even the most “standard” sized among us can still struggle with finding jeans that fit. Even if you and I are both a size 4, it’s absolutely possible for our bodies to look totally different. Bodies don’t come in standard sizes, so why should your jeans?

DenimBlog: True! So tell us about your fit profile, how does that work?

INDi: In our fit profile you fill out a few measurements and then answer some simple questions about your body and the way jeans usually fit you. We take this information and use an algorithm to compare your measurements to body scan data from thousands of people to determine your best fit.

DenimBlog: This sounds pretty involved, how long does the process take?

INDi: It takes a customer about 10 minutes to order.

DenimBlog: When we think about all the time we spend goofing off on the Internet, 10 minutes seems like a pretty good trade off for better fitting jeans. But what happens after that?

INDi: Once you click the submit button, we generate your unique pattern within 5 minutes. Then your jeans are cut and sewn individually. Nothing is mass-produced. The whole process takes about 4 weeks, but we do everything in our power to get you your jeans even sooner!

DenimBlog: What if they don’t fit?

INDi: People usually get their fit right on the first time, but if you don’t, no worries. We have a satisfaction guarantee and will exchange your jeans and remake them until you love them!

Ready to try custom? INDi’s custom premium jeans are offered for men and women in a variety of styles and washes. Jeans are available through their website, and pricing ranges from $175 – $200.