Shopbop Q&A with Genetic Denim

Known for their soft denim and great fit, Genetic Denim has given an interview with Shopbop on the start of the brand and his favorites from the collection. Read some of the interview below:

Before Launching Genetic, you went on a cross-country road trip, visiting college campuses to find out what women want in their jeans. What compelled you to take this rather unorthodox, grassroots approach?

I’ve always been a heavy traveler and find that I learn the most when doing so. All the places that I’ve been in the world have influenced me one way or another. The trip you’re referencing is a perfect example. I ended up meeting 25,000 women and discovered what’s really important to them when it comes to the fit of their jeans. I think that’s the reason we have such a clear and strong vision, and what really sets Genetic Denim apart from everyone else…

What did you learn?

I learned a lot about what was missing in the denim market. I discovered that the top 5 inches below the waistband are the most crucial fitting elements in a pair of jeans.When it comes to jeans, the thing women care about most is how they look and feel in the high hip and behind.

What new Genetic style are you particularly excited about this season and why?

We are really excited about our denim sweatpant, the Val, which is a look that we were the first to introduce into the denim market. It’s a style we love, looks amazing, and takes the concept of jeans to a new level.

Click here to read the full interview at Shopbop and check out some of the new styles below.

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