Current Elliott Skinny Jeans In Love Destroyed

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Current/Elliott Skinny Jeans are a style from Current Elliott

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Current/Elliott Skinny Jeans were rated 4.36/5 from the 90 reviews we’ve analyzed.

Reviews that mentioned size scored a 4.5/5

Reviews that mentioned quality scored a 4.3/5

Reviews that mentioned fit scored a 4.6/5

Full Review

I decided to do this weeks review on the Current/Elliott skinny jeans in Loved Destroyed. I have had these jeans since last summer but I still wear them because they are so comfy and gorgeous! They were so popular among the celebs back in the summer. These jeans run really big though, I had to size down so I definitely recommend sizing down 1 from your normal size if you buy these jeans.

They are very soft and quite stretchy. The rips in the knees do get bigger each time you wear them though which I guess is unavoidable as they are on the knees. The top 2 holes have a patch behind them which you can see in the photo. The paint splatters are so cute! They definitely add a good effect to the overall jean. I think these jeans are definitely one of my favourite jeans by Current/Elliott. These actually got me liking the brand, they were my first pair and since then I have loved a lot of the new styles.

Overall Opinion
I definitely recommend these jeans for a casual look in the summer. Because of the big rips they are not that good for winter as they make your legs really cold. I also think the pocket shape and length suits those more with more of a butt, I don’t think it would be too flattering on the smaller butts. They are a beautiful jean though, so comfortable!

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