DENIM REVIEW: EXPRESS Rocco Slim Fit in Light Brown

Express Rocco Light Brown

My next review is on a more affordable pair of jeans, the Rocco in Light Brown by EXPRESS. These jeans are different from the usual styles I review, which is why I chose them. I always loved the idea of a brown or tan pair of jeans because of the ease they have to them. They will smarten a look without crossing the fine line of preppy, which it can easily do. Read my thoughts on the style below.

I’ll start with the size. I took these in a size 29 as I have noticed that more affordable brands do tend to run on the the smaller side. Compared to my usual size 28, I am happy I did so as a 28 would definitely be too tight. These are still a bit snug, but I am sure over time, they will loosen up.

The cut of the Rocco is actually really great. They are slim through the leg, but not too slim around the ankles. The length is also perfect. EXPRESS gives the option of different lengths that most premium brands don’t and the 30″ inseam is perfect with just a tad of stacking for me, but not heavy.

The fabrication is pretty lightweight, which is why I can see these starting to loosen up as I wear them more. These jeans don’t have any stretch to them, so if you are looking for comfort right away, I would say to definitely take a size or two up from your usual. Being that there is no stretch to them, the sense of the heritage of denim comes to mind. The way that they will break in appeals to me personally.

The wash is what most attracted me to the style first off. It really is an amazing light brown that is very versatile. You can wear it casually with a simple t shirt or smarten them up with one of their 1MX shirts. There is definitely some longevity to the wash that will keep you wanting to think of ways to wear them.

Overall, if you are looking for a pair of brown jeans, I would say these are a good choice color wise. Take note to take a size or two up when getting a pair as they are 100% cotton, for mobility and comfort purposes. They have an amazing cut to them and if you are on a budget, these are worth a try. You can click here to purchase these jeans from the EXPRESS website for $79.90.

Jeans Courtesy of Express.