J Brand Kane Jeans

J Brand

J Brand’s signature men’s style – a relaxed fit jeans

$228 from J Brand

This is my second review on the blog. This one will be on an actual pair of denim, I reviewed the J Brand Corporal Pants a few months back. I will be reviewing a pair of the J Brand Kane Slim Straight jeans in Raw Selvedge for this one.

I took these in a size 30. I find them to run a bit smaller in the waist, about a size and a half, compared to their Corporal pants, but that may be due to the fact that they are denim and not twill. I find the fit in the leg to be a bit baggy on me, but that is just on me though. My legs are more on the skinnier side. I don’t mind wearing baggy styles, it’s just these are cut straight so they look like they are hanging on a hanger when I wear them. Hence why I lean towards women’s or tapered styles. Another reason is also length, many of the men’s jeans run on the longer side, around a 34″-36″ inseam (these have a 34″). Tailoring can fix that though.

The material of them is really great. The weaving is what I like. When I see weaving like this, I can stare at the jeans all day and be amazed each time. They also feel really sturdy, yet they still feel really soft. Many of the jeans that are on the sturdier side tend to be really itchy for me. Especially with this Southern California weather that has an identity crises and it goes from cold to burning hot within an hour of just throwing jeans on.

Now for the wash. This has to be my favorite part of the jeans itself. They remind me of a pair of Levi’s that I had quite a few years ago that I wore to death. The wash pretty much goes with everything and for everything (well not formal events of course). They are a dark blue wash with navy/black undertones. I find this to be the perfect combo when getting a pair of dark clean denim. I’ve seen quite a few pairs that tend to be on the more indigo side which I don’t really like, but these don’t. The wash is one of the best dark blues, in my opinion.

Though the fit was off for me, I would still recommend these for other people. I have seen quite a few instances when they do fit and look amazing on the person. The wash itself will make just about anyone fall for them. Out of all the styles from their men’s collection, the Johnny and Dylan might be a better fit on me since they are tapered. You can click here to purchase these jeans from the J Brand website for $196.