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LOOK BOOK: Diesel Men’s Spring 2011

Here is the brand new, long awaited, Spring/Summer 2011 men’s Look Book for Diesel. I know most of the male readers on this blog are huge fans of Diesel, so what do you think of the new styles? They have lots of bright blue washes with coloured paint splatters over them which seems to be a look they release each season. They have also gone for lighter blues to stick to the trend of Spring and they have some new cuts as well.

The one thing I love most about Diesel is the quality of their jeans, they are made really sturdy and strong with a high quality denim so they don’t just rip on you or fall apart. Diesel jeans can last you years even with constant wear and I know that’s what makes a lot of people love them so much. Not to mention, they normally have amazing washes! They have had some of the best washes ever, like 71J, 61X, 81M, 772, 70L just to name a few!