LOOK BOOK: Diesel Spring/Summer 2010

Here is the Spring/Summer 2010 men’s and women’s denim Look Book for Diesel. They have some cute styles coming out this season. I love the shredded jeans a lot, I think they are very nice. I included the press release below.

Some like it hot and others prefer to play it cool, but this season Diesel 5 pockets deliver both options. The alchemy of fire and water inspires the Spring-Summer 2010 washes and treatments for both male and female. Fire denim recalls the distressed and burned jeans worn by fire fighters, through specialised techniques developed to create a battered, charred and toasted effect. Get that hero look without having to dive into blazing buildings!

The opposing water group creates a cool liquid feel with blue and azure; shades range from dark indigo denim to hard bleached pieces. Items bear the traces of droplets and splashes, using a saltcellar to hand-paint the denim with different hues. Denim lovers and purists will choose Blue Eyecons – Diesel’s most experimental washes – conceived for male shapes and demonstrating the highest levels of craftsmanship and expertise. ÔÇÿBlue’ refers to denim obviously – but ÔÇÿeyecons’ are what these pieces will become among the jeans collecting community. Jeans junkies won’t want to miss a chance of getting their hands on these wearable works of art – wrecked by hand for your pleasure. The treatments involve several different stages, with more than half a dozen processes that take up to ten hours: hand abrasions, sophisticated bleach and spray treatments, the use of different soaps and resins, squeezing, scrubbing, stone washing and sandblasting: you name it and one of these Diesel iconic pieces has been through it!

The most summery part of the collection captures the very essence of casual wear. The season will be refreshed by brightly coloured denim in shades of light blue, pink, orange and green. A new approach to fit and volume will cool down the hottest months. For girls, a light denim cloth is used for low-waist pyjama and Turkish style jeans. Wearers will dream of an exotic interlude as they navigate the urban landscape in these ultra-comfortable designs.

New styles for girls also include ÔÇÿZivy’, slim jeans with a zip at the ankle, ÔÇÿClushy’, slim with zipped pockets and ÔÇÿTotta’, boot-cut with flap pockets. For men, a special mention goes to the new ÔÇÿTazy’ style that hugs the waist, with a looser cut at the thigh leading to a slender calf and ankle. You can check out the denim styles below.