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LOOK BOOK: Guess Men’s Holiday 2012

Here is the second part of the Guess Look Books, this one featuring the new men’s Holiday 2012 collection. I absolutely love the styling of this Look Book! Even more so than the women’s. I get that modern day posh boy feeling when I look at the images. It reminds me a lot of some of the London style that I see around; smart in the sense that everything is fitted and classic pieces are worn like the cardigans and blazers, however it’s kept fun and playful with the neck bows, rolled sleeves and cuffed jeans.

The look above would have to be my favourite, it combines two things I love the most; berry coloured jeans and dip dye/ombre. I would actually love to wear that cardigan myself, it wouldn’t phase me that it’s men’s at all. Aside from loving the styling of this shoot, they have some really nice looking denim as well. There are whiskered mid blues, coloured jeans and classic dark blues. What do you think of the new men’s Holiday 2012 collection from Guess?