LOOK BOOK: LEVI’S Made & Crafted Spring/Summer 2016

Levi's Made & Crafted Spring 2016 Lookbook (1)

Check out the new Spring 2016 collection by LEVI’S Made & Crafted. The new collection has taken inspiration from the colors of the California deserts in just about every aspect, as just like denim, the beauty in the desert has a natural allure.

You can see everything from the outerwear to the denim taking notes in terms of color, visuals and wear. The colors are of khaki hues to greys to mimic the sand and stones. The beauty lends inspiration to prints and there is my favorite one the wear. They have taken inspiration from the elements themselves to inspire washes from ones that have the roughness of worn landscapes to the smooth stones that inspire the cleaner pieces. Definitely an inspiration that LEVI’S was able to bring into fruition in more aspects than one. You can see the whole look book below.