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LOOK BOOK: Meltin’ Pot Spring/Summer 2011

Here is a look at the Meltin’ Pot Spring/Summer 2011 collection. There is no dark denim this season at Meltin’ Pot. Most of the looks were kept in medium to light washes. There were also some khakis and some greens, but no dark in sight. The inspiration for this season was vintage, which is right on trend with the ’70s comeback.

For the women there are shorts and jeans in, of course light washes. There are also some khaki chinos, a pair of white skinny jeans, as well as a pair of denim flight/sweatpants. For the men they have jeans and denim shorts that are torn and repaired, some green cargo shorts, some slouchy skinny cargos, and a pair of khakis. You can check out the collection below.