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LOOK BOOK: Nine Days Fall 2010

Here is the Fall 2010 Look Book for Nine Days denim and some of the company bio. What do you think of their new styles? I think some of the jean are cute! I’m liking the studs.

For the past decade, Donwan Harrell has been at the forefront of innovation in the denim industry leaving the competition with no choice but to follow suit. With Nine Days denim, Harrell brings his revolutionary design to those of the revolutionary mindset. To those who separate themselves from the masses. The iconoclasts, the counter culturists. Those who wear their fashion as a badge of honor indicating that they are unlike the rest.

Nine Days is the product of ingenuity and art using denim as a canvas. Forged from the mind that brought you PRPS, Harrell now brings you the color of 70’s revolution and the attitude of 80’s punk in a timeline convergent with the fashion forward – with an average retail price under $120 as to lower the price on the ownership of cool.

Using premium denim with unconventional washes and treatments, Nine Days is not for those that accept the uniform. This is for the influencers, the early adopters, the beneficiaries of the flattery which is bred by imitation. To win the race you can’t be afraid to take the lead.

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