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LOOK BOOK: Paige Holiday 2013

Here is the brand new Holiday 2013 Look Book from Paige Denim, for both men and women. The styling in this Look Book is so different from what I am used to with Paige! It’s really tough and edgy, with that monochrome vibe to it. It’s very editorial and I really like it! Especially the way the jeans are styled as well, it’s a step away from what Paige usually does.

You can expect to see the classic skinny fits from Paige in various shades of dark and a stand alone Rose Gold metallic jean. There are a couple of prints as well as shirts, so it’s an all round clothing collection. There are so many jeans I would love to own here! Which do you like the most? Are you excited for the collection to be available?

Written by Lorna Burford