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LOOK BOOK: Paige Premium Denim Women’s Fall 2010

Here is the brand new, long awaited, Paige Premium Denim women’s Look Book for Fall 2010. I saw this collection when I met Paige earlier in the year and I was blown away by how many pieces she has and just how beautiful some of the washes are! She has really focused her attention on the jeggings in this collection and created a mountain of washes! I loved the Royal wash as it was such a pretty blue! I also really liked the purple ones and the cargo style jeans, the denim shirts and the general feel for this whole Look Book.

I’m really impressed with how far Paige has come over the years! I am so pleased for her with how her brand is growing by the day and how she is expanding to more than just jeans. Celebrities seem to love the brand even more as the months go by as well! I can’t wait to see who is wearing what from this new line! What do you think of the new collection?