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LOOK BOOK: Paige Spring/Summer 2012

Here is the brand new Paige Denim Spring/Summer 2012 Look Book for the men and women. Paige has described the new collection as a sexy and vibrant collection inspired by a free spirit and the possibilities of an open road. Featuring the brand’s new look and feel, Spring 2012 offers styles and washes that reflect Paige’s passion for designing denim.

From bold primaries to muted shades, color is key for spring. Washes are offered in a paint box of color for both men and women’s denim. For women, colors include pinks, oranges, greens, and reds offered in lightweight sateen and super stretch denim. For men, soft washes are available in the Doheny body while bold fashion hues are offered in the slim Normandie. What do you think of the new collection?