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LOOK BOOK: Siwy Denim Spring/Summer 2012

Michelle Siwy has really taken her Spring/Summer 2012 Look Book in a completely new direction. Usually her Siwy Look Books have that soft, light, whimsical feeling of California and they feel laid back, but this one feels more fierce and high fashion! They chose Bambi as their model who recently covered V magazine and was chosen as one of the top models right now by Carine Roitfeld. I think Bambi really captured the new feel that the brand was going for.

The styles of jeans and shorts are still the same though, there are the bright colours like reds, purples, yellows etc but some have a faint tie dye look over them and others have an ombre feel to them. There are also the classic blues in different shades. There are actually quite a few pieces that I would wear myself from this collection. I have always been a fan of how bold and fearless Michelle is with her designs and I love that about the brand, she’s never afraid to push the boundaries and experiment. What do you think of the new Look Book?