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LOOK BOOK: Washborn Spring 2013

Here is a look at the brand new Spring/Summer 2013 Look Book from Washborn. The brand have chosen to use a Native American theme throughout, which I think they captured really well, however I know it can be quite controversial using people’s culture and religion for fashion, as I have seen before. The way everything is portrayed though is light and gentle, so I really hope it gets a good response.

My favourite photo would have to be the one above where they captured the bubbles in the foreground, that’s something unique that we don’t often see in Look Books!

For their new styles, Washborn have chosen to go back to the 90’s with faded denim, overalls, printed denim and lots more. I think overalls may be getting popular again! We just recently spotted Heidi Klum in them and we have seen a few other celebs sporting their denim overalls recently, however, I don’t know if it will really take off. What do you think? I love the fresh new styles that are featured in this collection though, I think Washborn have done a great job! Which are your favourite pieces?