A. Smile is back!


The 70s are making a comeback! First Dittos resurfaced, now Cherokee Inc teamed with Graj + Gustavsen, a branding firm to A. Smile, a popular juniors denim line that had its peak in the 70s. Graj + Gustavsen will work with Cherokee Inc to make the brand relevant to today’s markets.

The brand was founded in 1969 by Robert Margolis, Jay Kester and Stanley Buchthal. Margolis and Kester have rejoined the brand as Chairman and president of the company but Buchthal will not be associated with the relaunch.

The draw of A Smile is it’s status as a counterculture brand, once featuring an ad of a donkey that read “Put a smile on your ass.” The brand felt that so many “counterculture” denim brands were mainstream and it was an ideal climate and market to launch a smaller, lesser known brand.

A Smile is slated to launch in Spring of 2010, in department stores and other retailers. The collection will go back to its roots, focusing on an innovative style, sexy fit and low price point, of around $40. Accessories will also be part of the collection, as the owners hope that A Smile will be both accessible and cutting edge.

Article from wwd.com, Image from Atozbluejeans.com