Mike Lanes Premium Denim & DenimBlog Exclusive Interview


Mike Lanes has been a long time denim connoisseur and after years of research and finding the right quality, fit, design, etc he finally has his collection ready for women everywhere! There is a sense of empowerment with this line, his mission is simple: To make you look hot! Each jean is individually handcrafted and unique…just like you. Pick the pair that best suits you. Party in them, love in them, dance in them, and most importantly…enjoy your life in them! We also got the chance to interview Mike! Check it out below and look in the gallery for images from the look book of his new jeans! It’s so exciting when new denim brands come on the scene. Check out Mike Lanes Premium Denim here.

DB: What inspired you the most when creating your brand?

I was inspired by life and the freedom to do what I love which is creating and designing. I always worked for myself I have been a Drummer for over 20yrs in hard rock bands (Detriment & Dedfuel) as well as an Actor for 12yrs. I got the idea to starting my own company from wanted to create a denim line that had personality as well as a story behind it…

DB: How many pairs of jeans do you own?

For example; each jean has a theme i.e Rocker Girl…For the girl that rocks with no regret. I wanted the customer to relate to the jean like they would a song or character in a movie that they wanted to become for the day.

Too many…ha ha.

My favorite would have to be Martini Girl which is my straght leg. It’s just so flattering on. It’s a great night time jean as well as an everyday jean.

Yes, I will be introducing some new girls next season which include Black and white denims with ultra sexy and rock influenced themes. Keep an eye out you don’t want to miss this…

DB: The boyfriend jeans trend has been a huge hit this season, will we be seeing any of this trend from you?

I have never been one to follow trends cause a trend is a trend and it dies out. My line has always been about less is more, it’s clean, chic, sexy, exciting and sophisticated and that’s how it will stay.

It’s like putty I can do what whatever I want to it which is the most exciting thing for me.

Fit by far. You have to have a jean that fits like a glove, comfort is everything.

I have eight cuts or styles; Rocker Girl, Martini Girl, Party Girl, Cosmo Girl ,Savvy Girl, Chic Girl, Fun Girl and Wild Girl.

My inspiration was to make a jean for everyday of the week. I want a girl to wake up in the morning and feel like partying so she wears Party Girl or she might feel like going to the office so she puts on Savvy Girl. I want to be that Monday through Sunday jean…

My brand is for anyone that wants to look and feel amazing in jeans.

For one my fit. I have spent three years perfecting my fit. It not only slims out your inner thigh area but creates a boost where needed.

I want everyone to know that Mike Lanes Jeans is here to make jeans for the INDIVIDUAL not trends!