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New Denim Brand: 15|FIFTEEN

There is a new denim brand which just hit the market, named 15|FIFTEEN! It’s a great premium denim brand for young edgy women, and offers trendy and stylish jeans for the junior market at a reasonable price.

I’ve noticed a rise in premium denim for teens at the moment and I think it’s a really cool idea. Premium denim shouldn’t just be limited to adults, younger people can fall in love with it as well. I started at a young age (around 13-14) so having a new brand like this, with a much more affordable price tag, is a great option!

The colours and washes of these fits follow current contemporary trends, with options ranging from ombre with wax coating to various shades of lightly distressed denim and more. 15|FIFTEEN is also marked with a price ranging from $54-$89. I think that’s much more affordable for the younger readers who can’t afford the $180+ price tags. You can see some gallery images below of some of their styles. What do you think?

Written by Lorna Burford