New Denim Brand: Alina Jeans & DenimBlog Exclusive Interview

The brand new denim brand Alina Jeans is just about to take off so we got the chance to interview Alina herself so she can tell us more about her denim brand.

Alina Headshot

DB: So you are a fresh, new brand, why did you decide to create your line?

Coming to live in LA and just being so inspired by the denim scene here, and by LA itself. Its a really unique place for denim. I love it. And being from Europe and seeing that there was still something fresh we could bring to LA denim.

DB: What inspired you the most when creating your brand?

The street style of LA. Its a city where you don’t live in your apartment, you live in the street, or on the beach, or in your car! So its like the sexy nighttime fun of West Hollywood, and the zany cool of Venice where I live.

DB: Do you have a favourite cut you have designed?

My personal favorites right now are the BIKER jeans. They’re just so tough and sexy.

DB: How many pairs of jeans do you own?

Ha! WAY too many. And now I have even more.

DB: What is your collection about?

Our jeans are about being rock’n’roll and sexy, but still fun. So, it’s really about me! Ha! And I live in LA, so its about capturing the mood of that city: its glamourous but its also laidback and cool.

DB: Are there any new trends coming out next season that we should be keeping an eye out for?

Look for some VERY adventurous washes coming out next year. And I think we’ve peaked in terms of distressing. It will still be there but more like our style, where its there for a reason, not just random hacking into denim.

DB: The boyfriend jeans trend has been a huge hit this season, will we be seeing anymore of this trend from you?

We are more into a sexy fit than most boyfriend jeans. We like to make them be about more than just a looser fit. Our new PAINTED JEANS are along these lines. They’re cool and relaxed, but have they’re own unique fun wash so they’re still a style as opposed to just being a fit. And either you’re a serious artist or your boyfriend is!

DB: What is the best feature of your brand (fit, wash, pockets etc)?

We are very proud of our fit, then yes the washes. We spend so much time on those things. And obviously we spend a TON of time choosing the fabric!

DB: We all love denim, but what is it that makes denim so important to you?

You can be so creative with it, and now you can wear jeans almost everywhere, so you can create for all times of day. There are SO many exciting technologies being applied to denim now, you can have so much fun with it.

DB: What are your denim predictions for next season?

Again its going to be all about the washes.

DB: Can you tell us a bit more about your brand?

ALINA JEANS is about being sexy and fun at the beach, at the cafe, or at the club.

DB: Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I was born in Romania under the Communists and my father imported blackmarket Levis so I’ve always been around the business in some ways! My fashion sense comes from Italy and London where I’ve spent most of my life, and once I came to LA a few years ago it all came together. And I’ve had to learn every aspect of the jeans business from scratch on my own, just by trial and error. It was something I wanted to do so badly it became an obsession. It’s been an amazing journey!

DB: What makes your brand so different from the others out there?

We’re mixing my unique European heritage with an LA sensibility. We’re not faking it! That’s the secret.

DB: Lastly is there anything else you would like to add that we haven’t asked you?

What I love is creating beautiful things. There’s nothing better than showing the team a new hot Alina Jeans style fresh from the laundry. Then you just want to see it walking around the street on somebody. That’s what its all about.