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New Denim Brand: Diego Milano

Diego Milano is a new denim brand that has just launched this fall! They have a high-end premium collection that has amazingly detailed denim with all Italian fabric and custom hardware. They have aimed to create a unique look that mixes high fashion with inspiration from the Southwest with a rebellious rock n’ roll spirit. Their washes are created by a specialized Denim Artist that has made them all one-of-a-kind and each garment is like a masterpiece.

The Diego Milano home office is stationed out of Los Angeles, California and was founded by Chris Kay after finding a need for unique high quality denim. After meeting designer Linda Thithavong, he decided to create a rebellious denim collection with a heart of gold. While the collection is designed and made in the USA, all materials and hardware are imported from Italy, and portions of the proceeds are going to help others in need!

“We are dedicated to keeping our denim manufactured in the US and only use the highest quality Italian made fabrics, trims, and hardware. Along with this mission, we are also donating a larger-than-normal portion of our profits to make sure that children in India, who are most commonly the victims of Child Labor in the clothing industry, get a proper education and are not subject to the horrific conditions of labor in manufacturing factories.” -Diego Milano’s COO, Jessi Caruso.

“We stand by our product 100% and want to create a relationship with our customers. With alterations and custom modifications available for the lifetime of your Diego Milano denim, we strive to make the best jeans in the world.” “Every detail has a meaning behind it and we stay true to our stand against Child Labor ensuring every step of our supply chain adheres to the same ethics and morals as we do”, states Caruso.

So what do you think of Diego Milano? You can see some of the unique pieces in the look book below! Have any of you tried their brand yet since the launch?