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New Denim Brand: Freenote Clothing

Freenote Clothing is a brand new company that will be hitting the market at the beginning of March. It includes some denim, woven garments, knits, bottoms and jackets and is made exclusively in the United States. All of the denim is 100% selvedge and is procured from either Cone Mills and Kuroki in Japan. Freenote is a classic menswear apparel brand which is premium and high quality, sorry ladies, it’s not for us unfortunately! The brand was started by brothers Matthew and Andrew Brodrick and is headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, California. It aims to be classic rather than follow trends, so that’s something to look out for! You can find out more about the brand in the press release below and see photos in the gallery.

“Our line was inspired primarily by timeless American icons. The foundation of the collection is based on the durability and simplicity found in early work wear. Pioneers, rebels, the Wild West, the first rock and rollers, traditional “Southern Hospitality” culture, rail road workers and cowboys, all inspire the distinguishing design elements that recur throughout the line,” says Matt Brodrick, co-founder of Freenote. “The result is a set of classic, high-quality staples that will outlast trends.”

Andrew Brodrick, co-founder of Freenote, adds, “We place utmost importance on the quality and craftsmanship of our product, but also on those who help to create it. By housing all manufacturing domestically we ensure product is made responsibly. At the same time, we maintain complete creative control from original design to final product.”

Brothers Matt and Andrew Brodrick founded Freenote in 2013. Combined they have 20 years of experience in the garment industry and their experience ranges from design and production, to sales, operations and finance.