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New Denim Brand: SCHOEN by YU

There is a new denim brand hitting the scene, SCHOEN by YU. Created by Lindsey Schoen & Michele Yu, it’s a new denim brand that is made in Los Angeles, California. Lindsey was a denim fit model for Paige, Mother, William Rast, Dylan George and more, fitting for them for the last eight years. Michele was a designer at Guess, William Rast, YMI and many others that Lindsey worked with over the course of her fitting career.

Michele is a UC Berkley Law graduate turned designer and her attention to detail is fantastic. Lindsey found her to be the most talented designer that she had worked with over the years. Following in Paige’s foot steps though (she was Lindsey’s first account – and she ADORES her, as do I!), she knew that when she started her own line it would be with Michele.

The duo financed everything on their own and created a core collection of five styles, which you can see in the gallery below. The fabric is a lycra modal that shapes, lifts and makes the body look beautiful. Between Michele’s experience and knowledge of technical design and production and Lindsey’s experience with fit and fabrication – they have created a jean that is comfortable, flattering and so chic! I think the designs and washes so far look great! What do you think?