New Denim Brands: Nadel & Pen & Exclusive Interview

Nadel & Pen is a great new brand that is just coming out of the woodwork. We caught up with the designer and founder Tilmann for an exclusive interview. Keep reading to find out more and view images.


DB: What inspired you the most when creating your brand?
1) The idea of bringing interesting information about denim to the retailer & consumer, information which would not be lost like a little “leaflet” which you rip off the pant.
2 ) Making my very own denim-designs.

DB: Do you have a favourite cut you have designed?
Yes, Mens “Neo-vintage fit” ( Anti-fit seat with tapered legs ), and girls neo-carotte fits ( “X” waist and full carot-hips )

DB: How many pairs of jeans do you own?
No-idea, I would say I wear between 20 & 30 different denim pants.

DB: What is your latest collection about?
Stiff “Deadstock” type unwashed Denims & “Vintage shadow” handfinishes styles + the stories written inside !

DB: Are there any new trends coming out next season that we should be keeping an eye out for?
After all these “grinding + bruised repair jeans” trends, I feel there is a strong comeback to “stiff & raw finishes”, the pant you need first to “wear-in”….

DB: The boyfriend jeans trend has been a huge hit this season, will we be seeing anymore of this trend from you?
My design-office “customers” are “playing it” again and again, but I concentrated on Straights, Jeggings and Carots for my own Brand.

DB: What is the best feature of Nadel & Pen (fit, wash, pockets etc)?
Sure we try our best to make a modern “minimalist denimdesign” , but the true innovation is on the inside: Each time you turn your pant “inside-out” to wash it, you can read in bold letters why you should not wash a nice

DB: We all love denim, but what is it that makes denim so important to you?
It reflects your personality… due to it’s unique pigments, its pretty much the only garment which starts reflecting your lifestyle after a few month…. plus all the history, the “handcrafted” details…..and the fact that you’ve got to go to the laundry and work it out…

DB: What are your denim predictions for next season?
Kill the Glamour… Go for humble and honest products !

DB: Can you tell us a bit more about your brand?
With my “Haute Couture” background and my passion for casual products with a cool design… I felt there is a place for a brand that will “sew cool products” ( Nadel ) & “write interesting stories about the products” ( Pen )
Thats why we started this range: Let retailers and consumers know about who invented the Zip, the stretch, why we do stonewashes and what does “stonewash” actually mean….
If you are in passion with products and Fashion, then you learn so many stories you would like to share with the people who will actually wear your designs…

DB: What makes your brand so different from the others out there?
Real “upmarket” European denim at an affordable price, and which enables you to learn and understand a bit about this fabulous “denim-world”.

DB: Why did you decide to create your brand?
My “brand-concept” was ready and I was waiting for the right moment since quite a long time ( 20 years of experience as a Designer…), a few months ago I was invited by a Paris-Fashiontradeshow jury to “start my own brand”, it
is part of a “Designer / Manufacturer / Tradeshow” jointventure….and here we go! The tradeshow is this end of October !

DB: Lastly is there anything else you want to add we haven’t asked?
Well yes, if there is some “Rockefeller” out there wanting to invest into the brand…raise your hands !