The Bruiser in Disorderly by MOTHER

MOTHER Bruiser Disorderly 1

MOTHER is all about the details. Whether it be their many variations of the frayed hem to the exposed button fly, the brand just loves to have fun with denim while still embracing the essence of the fabric.

For their new Bruiser in Disorderly, they have gone a bit covert to keep classicism and versatility. In the wrist of the sleeve, you can expect to read “MOTHER” and “LOVE YOU BEST” in a thread that has the most subtle contrast. The details are right on the embroidery trend and adds to the look while making a statement in the most quiet way. Yet it still speaks volumes. It is always the subtle details that just make us all that more amazed.

I can definitely see them taking this even further, incorporating them into other pieces of their collection. It would be an amazing detail for a distressed white pair in a tonal thread. What are your thoughts on MOTHER’s subtle take on the embroidery trend? You can click here to purchase this jacket from the MOTHER website.