New Styles

Chip and Pepper launches economy friendly line


After the news that Chip and Pepper were restructuring their business plan, some may have been worried about the future of the brand. However, the line seems to be going strong, as the designers have launched a new line, Mill Iron.

The line will be available only at retailer The Buckle on July 10th. The line will be priced from $98 to $110. It will feature men’s styles for the fall line, a relaxed style with button fly and a relaxed style with straight leg and button fly. They will each have vintage detailing referencing the “cowboy life style” such as vintage nickel trim, tacking and names like Buffalo Jump.

The spring will bring women’s styles, skinny jeans, with zippers, leggings and boot-cuts. The exclusivity agreement with The Buckle is only for a year, after this time, the line will be featured in Chip and Pepper retailers.

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