Current/Elliott’s New Pastel Leopard Print & Florals

Current/Elliott have released their famous leopard print Stiletto jeans in new hues for Spring! They have pastel blue, purple and pink and I think they look so pretty! It’s definitely different to the leopard print jeans we usually see on the denim market. My 2 favourite shades they ever released though were Grey and Fig. The Fig ones were gorgeous!

There are also some other new styles which are the pinstripes, plaid and floral. I’m a fan of the pink and cream floral combinations, but not so much on the cream and blue, I think it looks a bit awkward for my liking. I’ve also included another leopard print jean which they are releasing, the neon leopard. It’s their classic leopard skinny, but it features neon down the sides. If I am honest, I’m not a fan of this one, I don’t think the neon detailing suits the print. What do you think of the new styles? I’m definitely a huge fan of the pastel shades! Love them! You can buy the pastel jeans at Trilogy here.