The Denim Skirt by R13

R13 Denim Skirt Main

The denim miniskirt is a trend that many would not expect to see back, but it is one that has some leverage for the new season. One label that is not afraid of taking it on is R13. Known for their dirty washes and edgy attitude, they infused their aesthetic into the normally casual piece.

There is a ruggedness to the style that will sure make this a preferred piece for many girls due to its versatility. Made of 100% cotton, the rigidness helps breathe the R13 vibe into a piece that is normally associated with femininity. Whether it be paired with a slouchy band tee or with a gauzy top, the denim mini skirt is back and it is no longer a piece that is just for girls in beach towns anymore. You can click here to purchase this skirt from NET-A-PORTER.