The Destroyed Perfecto Jacket by AMIRI

AMIRI Destroyed Perfecto Jacket

AMIRI is a label that has taken the idea of what was once banal and reinvented it into a piece that is sure to be the next big thing in the men’s market, the denim moto jacket. What was once just seen in light washes or severely lacquered styles that felt dated, the brand somehow made it feel like a timeless and desired piece with their new Perfecto jacket.

The style was elevated by choosing an Italian selvedge that has been coated in a way that others haven’t done before. They didn’t just coat the jacket to give a leather look, but more for a complementary detail to all the hand distressing and repairs. There’s a balance to it all that really helps it standout without being in your face, which is something that AMIRI is known for. How many of you are looking forward to adding this piece to your closet? You can click here to purchase this jacket from the AMIRI website.