New Styles

Distressed Denim Booties by Off-White

Denim footwear has definitely become a thing that is becoming more prominent in the market. Though making their mark, most labels have kept the denim on the cleaner side but that is not the case with Off-White. Designer Virgil Abloh took the potential and greatness of denim and designed a bootie that incorporates what we love about the textile, distressing.

I find the style to feel fresh because of the new approach that was taken and I find them to still feel smart because of their cut. You can still pair these with your pencil skirts to add an edge or even with some sweatpants to dress it up. I wonder who we will catch in these? I can definitely see Off-White fans Beyonce and Rihanna wearing them, or even someone like Jennifer Lopez. Who would you like to see don these?