The Ecru Jeans by Nudie Jeans


Nudie is a brand that has a heavy focus on promoting the process of breaking in your jeans. Now they have taken the idea a step further by releasing white selvedge styles, Ecru to be exact. So if you have been looking to try a white pair of jeans without the starkness of them, these are the jeans to try out. The style has also been given the true Nudie treatment by having them in an array of cuts and a jacket. So there is a style that will suit anyone comfortably.

This is definitely a pair that I am super intrigued about. We have all seen the usual blue and black denim break in beautiful, but white will definitely be a new approach to the look. The stains will definitely read different and give a different effect that I am looking forward to seeing. How many of you have already tried out the Ecru styles by Nudie? You can click here to buy a pair from the Nudie website.