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Kardashian Kollection Launches Denim

I was actually really excited when I got the information on this collection! The Kardashian sisters all love denim, so much that they even share jeans sometimes or have the exact same pairs! I wasn’t too suprised to learn that they would be adding denim to their Kardashian Kollection line! These jeans will be available exclusively at Sears and Each sister has designed a specific cut, and they are the cuts that they look best in I think!

The Kim is a sexy curvy low rise straight leg, The Kourtney is a slim fit low rise skinny leg and The Khloe is a tall curvy high rise bootcut. You can see Kim, Kourtney and Khloe wearing the jeans in the gallery below. The best part about these is that they retail for only $68! I love what they did here though, they made jeans for 3 different body shapes and they made them for curves! They say that the jeans compliment your figure and hug your curves while being comfortable at the same time! What do you think of their new denim venture?