The Le Mix by FRAME

FRAME Le Mix Jeans Main

FRAME has joined in on the reconstructed circuit, but unlike the approach that others have gone with taking vintage styles, they have upcycled their own jeans turning what was old into something cool and new.

Le Mix take the same approach that we will continue on seeing appear in the next season of imperfect perfection. A mid-rise straight cut, the style is a mix of contrasting aged blue denim to create a jean with a high fashion approach that is still wearable for day to day.

FRAME didn’t just stop with paneling with these jeans either. The style also features a jagged hem to take that high fashion edge even further and making their jeans stand out even more among the other styles that have dabbled their hands on the trend. How many of you are excited in trying these jeans out? You can click here to purchase Le Mix from their website now.